The competitive landscape in E-commerce nowadays is really increasing and most businesses are striving to survive amongst other means of marketing, Bulk SMS is the most common.

With most people being inseparable from their phones, bulk SMS marketing is one of the best ways to grab targets’ attention and get a response immediately.

This article covers everything you need to know about E-commerce SMS marketing. 

What to know about E-commerce and Bulk SMS: 

Increases trust and credibility 

When customers order products, they want to trust that their order would be delivered on time. With fast delivery you can earn the loyalty of your customers and get more customers through that. Bulk sms services help E-commerce businesses to make confirmation as soon as a customer makes an order. SMS is also used for sharing OTPs and coupon codes for discounts and rewards. 

Promotes products

One thing you can use bulk sms for is promoting your new products. Customers would not always be aware if you have new things in stock so it’s left for you to think of a way to inform them. Hence the use of bulk sms to inform people about the sale of your new product, its benefits and features. Through sms you get to update customers about the sales and discount deals. 

So E-commerce platforms can trigger their prospects to buy newly launched products through this.

Feedback and Follow-ups

With bulk SMS you can follow up with a customer if they left something in their cart they were unable to purchase. It works as a reminder sent to the customer that there is still time to purchase a product under a particular discount offer. Basically E-commerce businesses can inform and remind customers about incomplete sales and about products they might like.

Easy reach

Bulk SMS can be used to send order updates. Order updates like when the order will be shipped, when it will be delivered, tracking ID are sent via bulk SMS platform. It is successfully used by popular e-commerce sites.

Customer retention 

Through bulk Sms you provide your customers with a platform to communicate directly with you. 70% of consumers have opted in to receive texts from businesses, and there’s a good chance your customers are among them. The more you know about the people buying your products and services, the easier it is to have them stick around.

Another key to customer retention is providing ample opportunity for customer feedback through your bulk sms service. 


E-commerce businesses need to keep their customers updated with the latest offers, discounts, and services. This not only just increases sales but also establishes a solid relationship with your customers.

Bulk SMS for E-commerce seems to be the perfect technique for staying in touch with your customers and promoting your products at the same time.

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