Are you tired of using emails and phone calls for recruitment? Recruiting can be a tasking job but it can be made easier with the use of bulk SMS.   

Not only is sending an SMS for recruitment a great way to make sure that qualified job candidates see the message, but it also allows you to build a connection and enhance the candidate experience. 

Essentially, you’d be texting the applicants individually to keep them in the loop. This allows you to connect with shortlisted applicants faster and speed up the whole recruitment process. With this blog posts you will learn how to use bulk SMS for recruitment agencies.

Ways in which employment or recruitment firms can use bulk SMS are numerous and they include:

Interview Process – Job seekers are mostly comfortable when they get to know the processes of an upcoming interview. It is always best if they know the details of the interview process. Details would be shared through bulk SMS and keep the candidates in check before the interview. This is a quick and efficient way to ensure candidates are well-prepared for their interviews.

Higher Response Rates – Needless to say, most people spend a considerable amount of time on their phones each day. This naturally contributes to higher response. You wouldn’t need to worry about the interview reminders getting lost in the spam folder or the candidates not entirely having access to the information. The information you relay is practically going straight to the palm of the candidate’s hand. And even if they don’t respond, it’s safe to say that they will almost always see the text. So with bulk SMS you are assured of unplanned no-shows and higher response rates.

Appointment reminders: As a business owner, assist your candidates by sending them an appointment reminder that would remind them about the interview since they might have a lot of preparations to make. So companies should endeavor to send automated reminders through SMS to candidates a day or two before their interviews, confirming their attendance and providing any necessary instructions or documentation.

Improve Personalization – Contrary to popular beliefs, sending texts to interview candidates does not reduce personalization but enhances it. You do not always have to use automated messages, sometimes you may decide that a reply warrants getting more in touch with a candidate and not just sending out messages in your template. This would definitely make the candidates more comfortable as the last thing you want to do is come across as cold and impersonal.

Feedback from the applicants – in all invitations for interview messages, either through SMS or email, it is necessary to inform the person to get back to the employing company if they can make it or not. This will help the company make proper arrangements to receive all those that would be present for the interview. And in cases of absence, an adequate arrangement can be made to reschedule for such ones at another time. With SMS, the contact details of the agency should be added to the message so that feedback can be forwarded there. This feedback and follow up will be valuable to the recruiting companies.


When using bulk SMS, it’s important to maintain a balanced approach. While SMS messages are convenient and effective, excessive or irrelevant messages can lead to candidate annoyance. Always ensure that you have obtained proper consent from candidates before sending them bulk SMS messages and respect their preferences.

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