Are you thinking of how to reach guests or participants for your event? Planning an event can be a daunting task. If you’re looking for ways to make your event flawless then this article is for you.

This is where bulk SMS comes in, which would help in not only building interest but also generating awareness about the event.

Bulk SMS can be used for Event reminders in the following ways: 

  • Event reminders — Sending out an SMS 24 hours before the event is a sure way to reduce the number of no-shows. Reminders about an event will go a long way in avoiding low turnouts, lateness, etc.
  • Event Announcements — Once the attendance is confirmed, SMS messages can be sent to all attendees giving them useful information about the event. For example, one SMS could detail the agenda, other directions to the event location, and also speakers at the event.
  • Use bulk SMS for last-minute alerts. Send last-minutes bulk messages to individuals attending your event to inform them of last-minute changes. These notifications include parking instructions, weather updates, change of venue, or any unexpected changes.
  • Use SMS for Event Countdown. Having event countdowns is basically to build excitement and anticipation among the attendees as the event date approaches.
  • Confirmations — Use SMS to send out confirmation messages to attendees once they have RSVP’d or registered, ensuring they have the event details and location.

  • Bulk SMS reminders can be scheduled and sent to staff 24 hours before the event reminding them of their shifts and other information such as event location, dress code, etc. SMS messages can also be sent to staff during an event in case of an emergency or change in schedule. 


Using bulk SMS for event reminders is a great way to efficiently reach a large audience and ensure they don’t miss Important details about your events. 

Make sure to have clear and concise messages with relevant information like date, time, location and special instructions like date, time, location and any special instructions. 

Also You must choose a highly experienced and effective bulk SMS service so that all your event plans would be accomplished. 

Get started with Engagetext and forget all your worries about your messages getting to your targeted audience or not.


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