At Engagetext SMS, we promise and deliver unrivalled value: efficient communication. Our Text Direct solution is the first of its kind in Nigeria. We present you a service for sending bulk SMS direct from your mobile phone to the different lists available on your online address book. No Internet connection needed.

Mobile SMS text message marketing provide a new opportunity to reach your customers directly, increase revenues for your company and also help to enhance and differentiate your brand. Mobile SMS text message marketing is highly personalised, interactive, and has an immediate impact. When used to complement other promotions, mobile SMS marketing has been proven to generate a solid increase in sales.

You can launch your own branded SMS Reseller website like ours!


  1. Customized website (no programming knowledge required)
  2. Branding (your brand name, logo, and contact number)
  3. Excellent Content-Managed Website (CMS) using the latest technology
  4. Provide API access to users through your website.

The keyword is the first word your customers will write in the text message. It identifies which messages are meant for you.

Long Code Keyword Service
Long codes are specially selected number series of the MSISDN (Mobile Station Integrated Services Digital Network). They are reserved for memorable SMS numbers widely used in print advertising, TV & radio advertising, on marketing or promotional

Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Hosting is a special service enabling you to access your incoming SMS and to send outgoing SMS over the Internet at anytime, from anywhere. We host your SIM card in our server warehouse. Your SIM module is kept online and running 365/24/7 at our datacenter. The SIM can be a dedicated number or a shared number having a keyword.