Engage Text is an Information technology brand which has sprung up to take the world to its next phase in information dissemination. We offer sms messaging services. It is very suitable for wedding/birthday invitation, sales/event promotion, creating brand awareness and special season's greetings. We have a large database of numbers that have been demographically sorted out across the different states in Nigeria. This makes it easy to reach a target audience with your message. Engage Text takes care of SMS traffic for both large corporations and small to medium-sized businesses 

Our SMS messaging service is suitable for the following;
• Thank you message after a special event to guests. 
• Remind members and to inform the general public of a Forthcoming program. 
• Remind invitees of a change in date, time, and venues of any forth coming events. 
• Wedding Invitation. 
• Birthday Invitation. 
• Meeting Notification. 
• Special Seasons Greetings: for example Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving
• Sales Promotion. 
• Creating brand awareness. 
• Event Promotion. 
• Market Research. 
• Communicating with members of staff and business associates

• Extremely cost effective
• Instant response
• High response ratio
• No waste
• Immediate delivery
• Economical
• Innovative …….21st Century Marketing

We also have a database of numbers demographically sorted in different locations in Nigeria to market products and services.